Hump Day Links of the Week

2 Nov

Turd Ferguson Blog proves yet again why Halloween is the 2nd best (after NSD) holiday of the year.  A collection of the best costumes this year.  And by best I mean the hottest girls. Turd Ferguson Blog

This is why people hate Occupy Wall Street.  Plain and Simple. Warming Glow

TheCHIVE has a list up of “The 20 hottest girls wearing knee high socks.”  Which is a great look.  See this is why those sites make so much money.  Who thinks of that as a list?  Goddamit. TheCHIVE

I have never heard of the Human Slinky until this week, and apparently it is now on sale for $1 million.  After watching this video I’m convinced that its a bargain only to figure how how this guy is doing this.  This is unbelievable. Barstool Sports

I’m completely confident that I will never tire of Guys Gab Thong Battle of the week. Where do they find these people? Guys Gab

Some place called 100 Montaditos, which apparently is the Subway of Spain, is planning to open 3,000 locations in the U.S. in the next few years.  They have sandwiches ranging from $1 to $3 and all of them look amazing. Please email me immediately if you want to open one with me.  We can’t lose. 100 Montaditos

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