American Reunion – First Preview

1 Nov

I didn’t do my usual X Movie looks (insert superlative like Incredible, Good, or Amazing) title because it’s almost impossible to tell whether this will be good or not.  More likely, the title should have been American Reunion Looks Bad, but with these movies, it doesn’t really matter how bad it looks or how stupid the actual movie is.  The original American Pie was legendary, if only because I was at the exact age (13) where sneaking into movies to see boobs was literally the only thing you wanted to do.  The next two both came out in high school too, and I have great memories of both (not of the movies, but of the elaborate plans my friends and I had to get into them.  American Wedding was the worst, where we had just made it through the previews when the theater owners turned on all the lights and said “THREE PEOPLE ARE HERE WHO SHOULDN’T BE.”  Needless to say they didn’t buy our “Oh we thought this was Space Cowboys” excuse.  The new preview tells two things.  One, half of the movies will be scenes of all the guys walking down hallways in a straight horizontal line.  Who ever walks like that?  Would you be able to even see the person on the other side?  Second, Katrina Bowden, who we profiled months ago as being ridiculously hot, will be playing OZ’s girlfriend.  I always figured that if they made another American Pie I’d be much older and wouldn’t be into seeing boobs as much.  The first part is true.  I am much older.  The second…we all know that’s not true.  Looking forward to this one.

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