Happy Halloween from NSD

31 Oct

I was going to post an entire slideshow of different girls in Halloween costumes but since it is Monday morning and I’m exhausted from the mandatory heavy drinking that goes along with Halloween weekend, this one picture is all you get.  But since all NSD readers are probably also too tired to even click through pictures, it probably wasn’t worth it anyway.  I’m not saying anything new here: Halloween is obviously the best holiday of the year (besides National Skirt Day obviously).  The best part about Halloween is that it changes with your sensibilities.  As a little kid, what’s the best possible thing you can imagine?  Eating a shitload of candy and staying up late.  Done. As a high schooler?  Sneaking around the neighborhood drinking and messing with houses on mischief night.  And as a college kid/early adult/actually all adulthood: partying with girls dressed in slutty costumes.  An entire holiday geared around not only getting as hammered as possible, but towards promoting girls to dress as slutty as humanly possible. Why be a cop when you can be a “sexy cop?” Why be a devil when you can be a “sexy devil.”  Halloween will never get old.  Happy Halloween from NSD.

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