Guest Post: The Myths of Online Dating

27 Oct

I have to admit, I was equally suspicious of online dating sites until a few months ago.  I assumed the only people on online dating sites were nerdy, ugly people in their 30’s who were trying to get married.  Turns out I’m wrong.  A couple of my friends are on these sites, and you literally get a list, every day of random hot girls who might be interested in you.  If you both select that you are interested, boom, you’re on a date.  And apparently hooking up is a given on these too, since you are obviously attracted to each other.  Either way, a female guest writer was kind enough to debunk some of these myths here.  Enjoy.

The Myths of Online Dating Revealed

Online dating has been around for a while now but you might have never thought of it as a venue for you to meet another human being you’d consider cool enough to date.  Maybe you’re one of those who has read into all of the myths and misconceptions that come along with online dating—I mean, when you found out your buddy was signed up on you gave him hell for weeks.  But if you’re single and tired of spending your Sunday nights alone basking in debilitating self-pity,  maybe it’s time to explore online dating as an option.

Check out these myths surrounding online dating and get the scoop on what it’s really all about:

Myth #1:  Hot people aren’t signed up to online dating sites.

False.  You can actually find tons of attractive men and women who use online dating sites.  These people probably don’t have a hard time finding dates the conventional way, but maybe their schedules with work and a disinterest in the played-out, smoky bar scene aren’t really doing it for them anymore.  People need to realize that online daters are just the same people you see out at the bars…only using a more serious method that proves easier to weed out the creeps.

Myth #2:  Online daters are desperate losers.

Another load of total BS.  This relates to myth #1…and sometimes people just haven’t had any luck and have been emotionally scarred by the horror they’ve encountered dating through other methods.  Again, there are plenty of good looking people on these sites…good looking people who are also successful doctors, lawyers, CEOs and such—professions typically unassociated with “losers”.  And desperate, I think not.  Just because someone is connected through a dating website doesn’t mean that it’s their last resort before settling down alone with 40 cats…it means that these people are clever and are meeting interesting people by expanding their search a little bit.

Myth #3:  Singles on dating sites are only looking for one thing.

Don’t assume that every person signed up through online dating sites is looking to get married next week.  That is not the case.  If you’re not ready to dive head first into the dating pool, you can get hooked up through these websites to meet friends, someone to casually date, or just a Saturday night movie partner….and who knows, what starts as a friendship could always turn into something else down the road.

Myth #4:  Online dating sites are too expensive.

Sigh…sadly we’ve arrived at yet another miserable mistruth concocted by some dating inept fool.  Know that not all dating sites are expensive.  In fact, you can sign up to some legit ones for less than what it would cost you to get over-served at some dive bar on a couple of badly mixed rum and diets, waiting for the love of your life to stumble in.  I’d say your odds are better on a dating website.  And joy of joys, there are even free ones out there!

Myth #5:  Long distance relationships don’t work. 

Maybe you’ve had issues with a long distance relationship in the past, but don’t let that deter you from striking one up again.  Although you can easily find someone in your area by the medium of an online dating site, you might find someone you really “click” with in another part of the country.  With commitment on both parts, long distance relationships can work.  You never know where it can go, and if your new friend just so happens to live by the beach in sunny San Diego, I don’t think it would suck too bad when it’s time to go visit. 

Myth #6:  People judge couples who meet online.

Some tend to think that couples who meet online don’t have a “real” or “interesting” love story—that it won’t make good material for a wedding toast.  Well, finding your match online may have been questioned in the past, but that is no longer the case.  People are often fascinated by stories of couples meeting online and falling in love—they don’t look down upon them.  If your friends are genuine individuals, they would be thrilled for you if you found someone with whom you are truly happy—no matter how you met that person.

Myth #7:  You can’t find your soul mate on the web.

Many shake their heads regarding people who are searching online to find someone with whom to spend the rest of all time.  But in this day in age with hectic schedules taking over our lives, dating can sometimes get put on the backburner.  This is why the popularity of internet dating has skyrocketed like it has.  Nowadays you hear about more and more success stories of boy meets girl…online. 

Amy Reynolds is a guest post author and owner of Best Internet Dating Sites who covers topics based on relationships as they relate to the world of online dating.

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