Paranormal Activity 3 Looks Terrifying

19 Oct

I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself.  You can’t really blame me for seeing the first one.  I had never really been scared of horror movies in the past.  I would go to them with girls, put my arm around them, and laugh at the scary scenes.  Then I saw Paranormal Activity in the theater and…oh my god. Literally wouldn’t get out of bed to go to the bathroom for weeks at night.  Then, about a year later, I started seeing previews for the second one and…I saw that one in the theater too, this time in IMAX.  About 5 minutes in I immediately knew I had made a mistake.  Weeks of bedridden bladder problems again ensued.  And now this.  The preview alone terrifies me.  And I know I’m going to see it this weekend.  I can’t stop.  What an idiot.  Do not go see these movies or you’ll end up like me.

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