And the Razzie goes to…Jack & Jill

23 Sep

Earlier this week we profiled the upcoming Leonardo DiCaprio movie J Edgar as a possible best picture lock at the Academy Awards. What we failed to mention was the more prestigious awards, the Razzies.  This year’s worst picture category only has one surefire inclusion so far, Bucky Larson (which scored an incredible 0% on Rotten Tomatoes, while averaging 8 people per theater, nationwide).  But look no further than Adam Sandler’s newest attempt at being funny for the first time in 10 years, Jack and Jill. Anyone who has seen how funny Adam Sandler can actually be should be truly offended by how terrible his movies are at this point. After his incredible starting run of Billy Madison/Happy Gilmore/Wedding Singer/Waterboy/Big Daddy, Sandler slowly dissolved into terrible romcoms and formulaic buddy comedies.  He’s reached a new low this year, with the  romcom Just Go With it with Jennifer Aniston and now Jack and Jill, which looks truly horrible.  At this point, Sandler has started making movies that look as dumb as the ones he parodied in Funny People.  My question is, how does this happen?  Robert DeNiro went from putting forth some of the greatest acting performances of all time in iconic films like the Godfather and Raging Bull, to the third lead in shitty Jason Statham movies.  Al Pacino went from Oscar winning performances in the Godfather and Scent of a Woman to…a supporting roll in Jack and Jill, of all things.  Who are the agents for these people?  Or does the fame just get to their heads after awhile and makes them think audiences will accept anything they’re in?  And maybe they’re right.  Just Go With It still made over a $100 million, probably drawing in the same crowds that watch The Big Bang Theory each week.  Or maybe Sandler, with 10 mansions and 30 cars truly can’t afford to risk a movie like Billy Madison bombing anymore.  And that’s what sucks.  Jack and Jill will probably still be a hit, no matter how terrible it is, and that’s why Sandler, DeNiro, and Pacino will probably never truly return to how great they were at the beginning of their careers.

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