Guest Post: The Best Mediterranean Cruises for TwentySomethings

22 Sep

A few weeks back, we had a guest writer profile the best Caribbean cruises for men in their twenties like us.  However, that post left out a key section of the world: Europe.  Ever since every college student in the country starting going abroad to Europe, guys in their early twenties have been wanting to go back to Europe once they start working.  But forget spending romantic evenings in Tuscany, most want to go to things like Yacht Week, a week long binge drinking affair with strange exotic girls.  That’s why we brought in a guest writer from a UK-based travel agency to write about the best Mediterrean cruises for twentysomethings. Enjoy.

Cruising is often labeled with the stereotyped ‘for older people’ tag. However, in recent years, a cruise holiday has become increasingly popular among the younger generation. Mediterranean Cruises are generally the most popular destination choice among the Under-30 brigade looking for thrills and spills.With a little bit of research, young cruisers can find excellent value for money cruises that will rival any land based holiday. Mediterranean cruise holidays have plenty of activities for twenty-something’s, and when you add stunning of ports of call in St. Tropez, Genoa, Monaco, Nice or the Greek islands to the equation, you have an unforgettable experience. A rough price for average cruise packages for under-30’s in Europe is about 60-70 Euros per night, per person and can be even cheaper if you manage to get one of many last minute cruise deals that become available. Cruises are popular all year round, but choosing to cruise during the off-peak season is sure to save you some money on the initial fare.

Those who enjoy a good party should definitely choose to cruise with Carnival. They have a stunning fleet of ships that regularly attract people that are aged 18-30 and looking for a good time. Popular among married couples and singles alike, these Carnival cruises have everything from electric nightclubs to soulful bars. You can warm up for your big nights on board with a few drinks whilst watching lighthearted comedy shows or live performances from professional entertainers. Cruises that last a week or longer also include fun karaoke bars, complete with a live band. As well as this, Carnival cruise ships also play host to crazy pool parties that are never forgotten in a hurry! Young cruisers who are feeling lucky will also be pleased to know that the casinos on board feature the same games that can be found at any Las Vegas casino. One lucky guest who was playing MegaCash, scooped over $1m, the world’s largest ever cruise ship jackpot! So, now you are aware that cruising can be just as much fun as a typical resort holiday (and potentially cheaper), it’s about time that you stop believing that cruising is strictly for old folk and get in on the fun. Written By Ellis Green of, a UK based Cruise agency specializing in Cruise & Maritime Voyages

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