Faceoff of the Week: Elisabetta Canalis vs. Stacy Keibler

19 Sep

You may be wondering how this poll came about.  I’ll go right out and say it, I was watching Dancing with the Stars.  I was cruising the dials waiting for the Charlie Sheen Roast, and I stumbled across it as Elisabetta Canalis was dancing and…oh my god.  After watching, baffled, and wondering how George Clooney ever dumped this girl, (and immediately changing the channel when Nancy Grace began waltzing), I decided to make a competition out of it and pair Canalis up vs. Clooney’s new girlfriend, Stacy Keibler.  After looking at both…I truly don’t know who’s better.  All I do know is that I half hate George Clooney, and half have undying respect for him.  Clooney apparently broke up with Canalis because “she took too long to get ready when we went out,” and then immediately called Keibler since he “has been a fan over the years.” He also begins dating girls by saying “Listen you know I don’t marry girls right?”  I’ll give 5 NSD Dollars (currently highly valued vs. the US dollar) to every guy who tries that one on a girl he’s trying to date. Clooney’s whole life is mind-boggling at this point.   After the jump, enjoy a ton of pictures of each and cast your votes.

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