An Age-Old Debate: Sporty Girls or Girly Girls?

15 Sep

This is the age old debate.  Would you rather be with the athletic and sporty (with the risk that she will be too masculine?  Everyone likes a girl who they can watch sports with, but there’s always something a little unattractive about a girl who knows before you about who’s available on the waiver wires).  Or do you go with the girly girl, the one who is always insanely cute but asks “who’s playing” when the Super Bowl is on and leaves to watch the Bachelor instead.  Who knows.  You can’t go wrong with either of these.  Also, as a disclaimer, I realize that the girl I chose as the “girly girl” could very well be a sporty girl in real life.  Take my word for it that she’s extremely girly in real life and spends her time painting her nails and watching the Style channel.  Cast your vote after the jump. 

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