Entourage Finale Thoughts and Movie Rumors

12 Sep

Of course last night was the Entourage series finale, after eight seasons on HBO.  For years, hipster douchebags who write TV blogs have hated on this show, usually with the common complaints that “no one would want to watch a rich asshole and his friends get with any girl they want” and that “everything always works out.”  They hate on the show’s writers for being lazy, and they hate how predictable the show is.  Granted, Entourage has had its ups and downs.  To be honest, the show never really got back to the levels of the first three seasons.  Seasons four and five were truly terrible, with retreads of all the same plots of the first three seasons (remember Smokejumpers?).  Luckily, about midway through season six the writer seemed to realize that the majority of viewers were tired of Vince, and decided to give each one of the other characters larger roles than Vince himself.  The move paid off, and I personally thought that season 7, while still nowhere close to Seasons 1-3, was at least the best in awhile. This season was pretty up and down–the first five episodes literally nothing happened, until the writers seemed to say “oh shit we only have three episodes left to tie everything up.”  Even still, the only interesting subplot this season was Ari’s, which I have to say ended in truly awesome fashion, especially with the scene after the credits.  Last night’s finale included the completely absurd resolution of Vince proposing to Sophia aka Alice Eve, after 24 hours of dating, after she woudln’t even talk to him and has dated noble prize winners in the past.  That Entourage’s writers think we would believe that this incredibly smart and accomplished writer would marry a random movie star after 24 hours is ridiculous.  There was no mention of Turtle’s new restaurant, or to Drama’s new show whatsoever.  E and Sloan’s resolution was also pretty predictable, and also completely implausible.  After an entire season of E doing horrible things and Sloan’s entire family hating him, and after still not knowing if he banged her stepmom…Sloan is finally convinced by Vince coming in and saying “E loves you.”  What?  One of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen. 

The thing is, at the end of the day, I always enjoyed watching the show, regardless of how dumbed down it got towards the end.  There was never an episode in which I wasn’t fully entertained throughout, and even the most mind-numbing plot developments can’t take away the entertainment factor of watching Ari scream at people and the hottest girls on television ever week (Not to mention Sloan, the single hottest girl on TV, by far, ever.  She is unbelievable). And the hipster argument of “who wants to watch these rich guys do whatever they want..” What?  I do, for one.  Who doesn’t want to fantasize about being a Hollywood star?  Hipsters: Not everyone is happiest playing hackysack while wearing paperboy hats in Brooklyn.  Even after last night, where I was watching some of these absurd developments, that last sequence immediately hooked me in to the sure-movie to come.  Doug Ellin, the show’s creator, says this about the possible movie:

That’s definitely a question that can be answered on the big screen, and the team behind the series indicated this summer that it’s their next priority. “We’re going to do a movie,” said creator Doug Ellin at the TV critics press tour. “We’re going to do it. It’s a question of when and how quick. We’ll sit down and come up with an idea.”

Hopefully it’s soon.

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