Hump Day Links of the Week

7 Sep

Turd Ferguson Blog somehow got to interview the incredibly hot Rosie Jones.  Why doesn’t NSD get interviews like this?  Rosie…call us.  Turd Ferguson Blog

The Avengers has begun filming, and last week they caught the entire cast filming in Central Park.  Pretty awesome. ABlog4Guys

With the NFL kicking off (for a touchback) tomorrow night, ESPN has put together the best Fantasy Football sleepers for the season.  Since that’s all anyone really cares about in the end, unless you are from Philadelphia which is clearly going to win the super bowl.  ESPN

This is a video compilation of girls falling as they ride bikes.  I watched this full three minute video in its entirety while laughing loudly at work.  Guys Gab

Man Builds Street legal Batmobile using a Turbine Engine.  Although you would probably constantly disappoint people every time you got out of your car, and you weren’t batman.  Discovery

A 2 and a half minute video of Sara Jean Underwood looking attractive.  I don’t think I need to provide any commentary to get you to click on this. Giggity Greg

Since appearing in Dukes of Hazzard and looking like the hottest woman in America, Jessica Simpson has gotten fat and now has decided to get smaller boobs to go with her bigger waist.  Because if there’s anything America likes, it’s fat girls with small boobs.  SpeedMonkey

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