Turntable.fm Rocks!

5 Sep

Have you ever wanted to be a famous DJ, rocking out a huge crowd to your favorite jams, feeling the power and control of the dance floor?  Maybe you have the musical ear but you don’t have the equipment to perform at your local bar or club.  Maybe you love to DJ but are afraid of people booing you offstage.  Maybe you simply can’t get your name out.  Well today we have the solution for you if you have any desire to DJ.  We introduce to you Turntable.fm.

Turntable.fm is a social media website that allows users to interactively share music.  The service allows users to create “rooms,” which other users can join.  Designated users, so-called “DJs,” choose songs to be played to everyone in the room in question, while all users are able to talk with one other through a text interface.

So let me break this down for you…  No, this service won’t allow you to scratch on turntables while mixing in and out of your favorite jams.  What you can do is act as a DJ in front of a crowd of listeners and choose to play songs from your computer or from Turntable.fm’s preloaded music selection.  If the listeners like what they hear, they can vote your song as “Awesome”.  As you receive “Awesome” votes, you can unlock new avatars and levels of DJing.  But, if you’re listeners don’t like your song, they can vote your song as “Lame”.  Too many negative votes will result in you losing the spotlight and the next DJ gets a turn.

Don’t worry, you might be thinking listeners may not like your music.  Turntable.fm has multiple rooms for all types of genres from country to techno.  Each room is like a chat room.  There are a group of people in the room that can chat and interact while a DJ is playing music.  Even better, you can create your own rooms and make them private for just your friends if you’d like.  Since Turntable.fm requires that you login via Facebook, you can see which music rooms your friends are in and join them.  As you become fans of DJs or other people become a fan of you, you will be notified whenever DJ’s you are following are on the website playing their music.

Let’s say you don’t want to take the role as a DJ.  This service is still great.  You can login and join the room of the genre of your choice to hear new music.  Just acting as a listener allows you to be exposed to new songs or music you may have never heard before.  It’s a great way to expand your personal playlist and find new favorites.  Additionally, the service is great for a pregame party.  Just hookup your computer to your speakers, select a party room, and let the DJ’s take care of all of the work.

We love Turntable.fm and the site is easy to use, and best of all, it is free.  Everyone should give it a shot, and look out for DJ Strong Island.

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