Labor Day Weekend Skirt Jams

1 Sep

Although the end of summer is near, we have a three day weekend coming up that should be filled with partying, bad decisions, and lots of music.  Here are a few jams to add to your playlist while you’re doing your thing on the beach or wherever you find yourself on this “no” labor day. 

The last few months have premiered all types of collaborations, some from popular artists and some from up and coming musicians trying to get their name out.  We have come across several songs from Tinie Tempah, a fairly new British rapper who’s music has started to hit the US’s hip hop listeners.  Some of his previous hits included “Pass Out” and “Written in the Stars”.  Recently he released a single with Wiz Khalifa called ‘Till I’m Gone”, which is an unbelieveable track.  We came across a remix with the addition of Pusha T and Jim Jones and it’s even better so give it a listen…

Although this next jam isn’t the newest, it’s a great addition to your beach playlist.  This song which is playing everywhere in Europe has started to gain traction here in the states this summer.  DJ Antoine, who you might know from the song “This Time”,  mixes a feel goof theme with a great club jam, and a music video that gets you through your day at work.  Might have to make a trip to St. Tropez after this one.  Check it out…

The Carter IV was just released this week by Lil Wayne and it featured several new hits plus a few radio singles we’ve already heard including “John”, “6 Foot 7 Foot”, and “How to Love”.  Although the album may not be his best, it definitely is a must listen for any Lil Wayne fans.  My personal favorite is “Megaman”. 

Benny Bennasi released his album, Electroman, earlier this summer and some of have claimed the CD is too mainstream compared to where his previous work was at.  However, I like the album and like the way he is going with it.  It has some great beats and if you’re into dubstep check out “Cinema Skrillex Remix”.  That song will rock your face off but might be too much for those of you not feeling the dubstep scene.  For everyone else, I’ve posted a chill song that has a great electronic vibe to it.  Listen to “Spaceship” below…

David Guetta is back at it with his new album, Nothing But the Beat.  The album combines a great variety of pop with house music.  For those of you vising the Jersey Shore this weekend you’ll be sure to here the track “Lunar” at whichever club you find yourself.  Another great one features Nicki Minaj and is called “Turn Me On”.  I expect, just like his last album, each of these songs will slowly make it across radio playlists throughout the year. 

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