NSD Approved: Entourage’s Alice Eve

30 Aug

A few months ago, I put up a brief “Who’s Wearing this Skirt” post on Alice Eve and included a of couple pictures, only because I had seen her in the surprisingly funny “She’s Out of My League.” I ranted about how it’s ridiculous she’s not more famous, and left it at that.  Now Alice has landed a prime recurring guest spot on the final season of Entourage, and how the season is going, it looks like she could end up playing a major role in Vince’s life.  Alice plays Sophia, a super-serious British Vanity Fair writer who sees right through Vince and refuses to do anything but grill him on all the girls he’s slept with.  Vince obviously falls in love with her (who wouldn’t) and has spent the last three episodes pining for her.  My rant on why Alice Eve isn’t more famous isn’t done yet it turns out.  This girl is clearly one of the hottest girls in the world, and yet her last two years were a low-budget comedy and a TV show?  What is Hollywood doing?  I’m considering opening my own movie studio specializing in putting actual hot girls in movies.  Oh and I’ll make a Top Gun sequel too.  The studio will be called “Movies that everyone in the world will pay to see.”  Read it and weep Katherine Heigl.  Full gallery of photos of Alice Eve after the jump.

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