It’s that time… Fantasy Football 2011!

19 Aug

With the NFL back in action, there is nothing more exciting then watching your team play and competing every week in your fantasy football league.  It all starts with the draft so we have compiled some tips we believe to be useful for this years fantasy football season. 

– Participate in several mock drafts in several different draft spots for practice.  Make sure the mock draft league size is consistant with the league you will actually be playing in.

– Prerank your players based on the research you gather.  Don’t always rely on your fantasy football’s default ranking to draft players.

– Watch preseason games to get an idea of which players look great.  Remember, last year early drafts didn’t pickup on Arian Foster but later in the preseason he was being drafted early.

– When it comes to RBs, only draft starters.  The only exception to drafting a team’s number 2 running back would be if you already have the starter and you want the number 2 in case of injury.

– QB’s and WR’s put up a lot of points but there are more of them so save them for later rounds.  We recommend taking a RB in the first round.

– Don’t worry about drafting a defense or kicker.  You can always pick those up based on matchups.  Load up on as many players as possible to take advantage of any sleepers.

Our top 5 ranked players for each position…


1. Aaron Rodgers

2. Michael Vick

3. Drew Brees

4.  Peyton Manning

5. Tom Brady


1. Adrian Peterson

2. Arian Foster

3. Chis Johnson

4. Jamaal Charles

5. Ray Rice


1.  Andre Johnson

2. Calvin Johnson

3. Roddy White

4. Hakeem Nicks

5. Reggie Wayne


1.  Antonio Gates

2. Jason Witten

3. Dallas Clark

4. Jermichael Finley

5. Rob Grownkowski


1. Neil Rackers

2. Mason Crosby

3. Matt Bryant

4. Sebastian Janikowski

5. Garret Hartley


1. Steelers

2. Packers

3. Jets

4. Patriots

5. Bears


– Julio Jones

– A.J. Green

– Mark Ingram

– Daniel Thomas

– Felix Jones

– Josh Freeman

– Mathew Stafford

– Johnny Knox

– Ryan Williams

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