Guest Post: A Female’s Perspective on the Best ways to pick up a Girl

17 Aug

Here at NSD, we’re pretty confident in our opinions.  We provide a service to all the guys out there who likes girls in skirts; we’ve written to you on everything from movies, money management, sports, and music.  And of course, we write a lot about girls.  But what we don’t give you is a female perspective on things.  Because at the end of the day, let’s face it, national skirt day wouldn’t be much of a day without them.  Starting with today’s article, a girl who will go by “The Girl that likes to Wear Skirts” will check in from time to time to provide a little perspective, whether as a rebuttal to one of our articles or with an idea she thinks its important we know on our own.  Today’s post: “The Moves that Work and the Moves that leave her Running.”   She makes some good points below, and while every NSD reader has had nights where they’ve scored doing exactly the opposite of everything she says here (pounding shots while being cocky and aggressive and making fun of them), she’s right that most of the time, that approach does draw in a different type of girl.  Check out more of her posts at

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Every one of you have your go to move that you pull out when you see that hot girl in the corner of the bar with no man hovering over her shoulder. For some of you it’s a line, others “accidently” bump into her, maybe you purposefully mistake them for someone else… which by the way, never works, if she fell for it then she thought you were hot too! Here is the truth about which moves work and which moves will have her running… from experience!

You’re going home alone if you make her feel like you’re trying to get her drunk. Buying shot after shot of patron, jager bombs (anything with bomb at the end), or absinth might help your chances with the neighborhood slut (aka an std and vomit in your bed), but you’re not going to get the hot girl at the bar. This isn’t a frat house (and if it is then proceed) so don’t make her feel like you’re trying to pull a date rape!

You might end up lucky if you insist on buying her a drink… of her choice!  If she says no thanks I already have one in a nice way, then chat her up until she needs another. A lot of girls feel uncomfortable having a man buy them a drink if they can get it on their own or they feel bad having you spend money on them. So be confident and insist, rather than ask as a question. If she says no with an attitude or roll of the eye, take a hint and walk away! 

You might end up lucky if you compliment her. Girls love compliments, but you can’t just say anything nice. I know this may seem a bit confusing, but there is a science to complimenting a girl. Never compliment a girl on anything that makes them feel like you’re just looking for sex, hence nothing that draws attention to their tits or ass. Safe, neutral compliments are usually general and make a girl feel special. Some examples: “You look really pretty tonight”, “your eyes are gorgeous” (kinda cheesy, but it works!), and “you look great tonight!”

You’re going home alone if you are too forward. Never get too aggressive with a girl, unless you’ve been hooking for a while, and even then be sure you’re not making her feel like a piece of ass. The second you start talking about wanting to have sex with her, telling her how nice her assets look, or grabbing anything when you first meet her, she is going to be making an exit excuse real fast. If a girl likes you she isn’t going to leave mid convo to use the rest room, you probably overstepped your boundary. If you want to get the easy girl, by all means talk dirty on the first date, but most likely you’ll be going home alone.

You might get lucky if you’re confident. The number one turn on for any girl is confidence. I know this isn’t exactly a move, but make it into your move. Whatever you do, do it with confidence. This means approaching her first, initiating the conversation, standing up tall, being sure of what you say. There is nothing worse than having a cute guy make a move, then he opens his mouth and he’s scared shitless.

You’re going home alone if you’re too cocky. Jersey chasers, gold diggers, and fame whores are all exceptions to this, but usually if you’re too cocky you won’t get the girl. Ways to avoid being cocky include no name dropping, avoid talking about yourself for more than 2 minutes at a time, always follow up talking about yourself with a question about her, and in general stop thinking you’re the shit (humble confidence is sexy!).

With the amount of assholes out there, it’s really not that hard to land the girl you want. Just change your moves a little a bit and you might just get lucky!

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