Have a Great Idea? Try Quirky.

16 Aug

Everyone has those moments where they hear an idea for the first time and they immediately feel like a huge idiot for not thinking of it themselves.  A site where you can have your own profile and post pictures?  So simple!  A site where they give you 50% of things like dining?  So easy to start!  While the people who actually made these ideas come to life have made literally billions of dollars, we are left to sit and ponder our fates.  The biggest problem with starting your own business is two simple words: Time and Money.  All of us have regular jobs, and while there are a lot of good ideas out there, there often isn’t enough time at the end of a long day at work to make that idea come to life.  Even if you do find the time, where will you get the money?  Sure, you can tour around looking for angel investors, but 99% of the time they will only even see you if you have a business up and running.

The website Quirky solves many of these issues.  Quirky lets any user submit an idea for a product which will cost under $150 to manufacture, and users weigh in with feedback and suggestions.  Every week, quirky takes the ten top rated ideas and manufactures the products themselves, taking a share themselves, giving some to the users who influenced the idea most, and of course, a large share for you, the inventor.  So stop wasting away your days at work thinking that you have an idea for the next big thing, and submit it.  The users of quirky will decide whether you should keep your day job.  If you do one thing today, watch this video.  You’ll be inspired, I promise.

One Response to “Have a Great Idea? Try Quirky.”

  1. EZPC Recycle, Inc. August 16, 2011 at 2:25 pm #

    This sounds like a very “quirky” idea….I’ll check it out thanks!

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