NSD Approved: Kate Mara

29 Jul

Kate Mara is the perfect girl-next-door type who I would wife up in a heartbeat.  Not only is she drop dead gorgeous but she has the cute innocent girlfriend type of personality.  For some reason, she is not too popular in the celebrity buzz, but if you’re not sure who she is, let me remind you because I know there has been a time everyone has seen her in a role and has obsessed over her.  You can find her as E’s first secretary in Entourage when he started working for Sloan’s uncle at his management firm.  She also has a big role in Shooter; she is the main chick that Mark Wahlberg ends up banging.  Now that I think of it, Mark Wahlburg is one of the creators of Entourage and stars in Shooter.  I hope there is no connection there; I will be furious if I find out he is banging her outside of work.  Anyways, this chick’s family owns both the New York Giants and the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Yes, the Maras do own two NFL teams.  How awesome would it be to date her.  Well here are the pics…

2 Responses to “NSD Approved: Kate Mara”

  1. Leo Howard / Quantrum Physicsyahoo.com December 12, 2011 at 2:17 am #

    You of course, is one beautiful lady. The world is your play ground. I have one Q: “Is SHOOTER BASED ON A TRUE STORY?” If so please E-mail me ASAP. I was known as THE MAGICIAN” IN THE WORLD OF MAGIC! I resembled David Copperfield, but that is in the past. I ask this question, so that, I can send same to Wash, D.C. to some of my friends. Plus, 20/20 Abc NEWS was interested in my story of INJUSTICE and so was the DR PHIL SHOW and Atty Geoffrey Fieger in Southfield, MI.. However JUSTICE IS FOR THOSE WHO CAN AFFORD IT and I can NOT! My family and frieds are dead. I have no one. Please contact me at leophoward89@yahoo.com I look forward to your response. I have a HEART OF GOLD AND I BET YOU DO TO. Or call me at (909) 401-0606. PS: I think that U R a fantastic actress.. Sincerely yours, LEO HOWARD TAKE CARE and be safe. Lastly U resemble my Fiancce’ who passed away in 1994. Thus, I’m all alone.


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