Nightlife Deal Sites… The New Buzz

28 Jul

The past few years have had an uprising in daily deal sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial that have transformed the way we shop and entertain.  It’s becoming the norm to take out a date using a Groupon.  These sites are knocking off 50% off original pricing for all types of occasions such as mini golf, restaurants, spas, laser tag, etc.  The revolution has lead to consumer savings and businesses losing..

Recently we have come across a new deal site.  This one caters to the average bachelor, providing deals for nightclubs, bars, and happy hour events. which started in Chicago grants deals that you may very useful for bottle service on the weekends.  As for the service itself, Poggled is an interesting take on the vertical daily deals model, where users buy a bar or club-related deal and are given a special code they can then redeem at the service. The iPhone app allows users to sort deals like “$75 for Bottle Service” by Nearby and Happening Now or browse by Event Type, Day Of The Week, or Neighbor hood.  Users can also post deals to their friends through Facebook and Twitter.  The business is expanding its territory and currently reaches consumers in Chicago, New York, Milwaukee, and Denver.

We are looking forward to this service to reach DC.  We have seen unbelievable deals on their site, such as $75 for bottle service including a bottle of vodka, mixers, and private seating for 6.  This would would be so much cheaper than what we would normally pay at the bar individually.

Check out the site if you haven’t aready…

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