Hump Day Links of the Week

27 Jul

Very weird tweet from Alec Baldwin  …but interesting question..I think I have to default to Sloan from Entourage. Amanda Hearst is also a possibility. She keeps the kid, I keep half her $8.7 billion… Twitter

If you’re not checking out GuysGab’s Thong Battles there is something wrong with you. The current champion is just ridiculous. GuysGab

The trailer for Margin Call came out, a fictional recap of what went on inside some wall street bank right before the 2008 butt fucking the world economy took. Looks pretty good/ a movie version of The Big Short with Demi Moore(!), Kevin Spacey, and that creepy guy from Lost.


Thong Battles for ass men, Titty Tuesdays for tit men. NSD for those who like both.TurdFergusonBlog

Fuck food trucks. Trojan now has Sex Toy Trucks. I imagine that’s where every girl/Mark wants to buy their dildos, a truck selling them on the sidewalk. Should start selling giant double sided dildos outside your office sometime this week. BarStoolSports

AskMen surveyed 10,000 men. Guess what, no one likes fat chicks! AskMen

Sara Jean Underwood is hot GiggityGreg

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