NSD Approved: Mila Kunis

22 Jul

I know we already did an NSD Approved earlier this week but with today’s release of Friends with Benefits, there was no waiting until next week to do one on Mila Kunis. This girl has it all: she has a great sense of humor, can hang out with the guys, while obviously being ridiculously hot.  Very few girls can pull off being incredibly sexy while being able to watch a football game while drinking a beer, but Kunis pulls it off with flying colors.  She was always endearing on That 70’s Show, but  no one really knew her potential until she stole the movie in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, where she outclassed the almost equally hot Kristen Bell at every turn.  Now she’s mixing serious roles like Black Swan with comedies like this weekend’s Friends with Benefits.  Also, you may say it’s a chick movie, but I clearly plan on seeing it for Kunis alone.  Wow.  I’m also excited that movies are actually starting to feature attractive girls instead of Katharine Heigl.  Please…no more Katherine Heigl.  Katherine Heigl is the Nickelback of female actresses.  But moving on.  A bunch of pictures and the red band trailer after the jump. 

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