Hump Day Links of the Week

20 Jul

I feel like Kate Upton gets more and more ridiculously hot as the weeks go on.  I wish I could completely delete my rant about how overrated she was from months ago, but it will live forever, proving me an idiot.  I have literally no chance in arguments any more. Like if my argument is “Inception was a good movie” and the other person thinks the opposite, all he has to say is “shut the fuck up you said Kate Upton wasn’t that hot.” And he’d be right.  I feel like that guy that said that computers were a fad.  iblackedout

Some girl named Iryna Ivanova is the Playmate of the Month.  Looking at these pictures reminds me of my middle school days where we’d keep a rain soaked Playboy in the middle of the woods under a bed of leaves just to look at the pictures.  Now I do what every man in america does at work when you see a link to Playboy, you pull out your phone at your desk to look at the pictures.  If you ever see a guy looking at his phone at his desk he’s either A) Looking at naked women or B) playing Angry Birds.  It’s a proven fact Guys Gab

This guy has “Fuck You” tattooed on his head.  I legitimately can’t think of one single job that he could have that he would be allowed to have this tattoo.  Professional wrestler?  Hitman?  Those are honestly the only two I think of Sports Behemoth


The full Spiderman 4 preview finally hit.  I was ready to hate this, and I have to say it looks awesome.  The last 40 seconds with the POV was ridiculous and have made me likely to go outside and be bit my spiders for an hour in the hope I’ll turn into spiderman.  Turd Ferguson Blog  dszd

This is actually really cool, a chainless bike.  I looked at it for 30 minutes and have no idea how it works. ABlog4Guys

Paris Hilton stormed out of a Good Morning America interview (how does she even get on legit shows anymore?) after the interviewer insinuated that she is less famous than she used to be. I am excited for her appearance on Celebrity Rehab in 2013.  Speed Monkey

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