NSD Approved Summer Drink: Gin Buckets

12 Jul
It always shocks me when people haven’t heard of Gin Buckets, perhaps the best summer drink in the country.  I have to admit I hadn’t heard of it until I went to college in the South, so maybe it’s a southern thing, but I can’t figure out why Gin Buckets aren’t constantly being drank everywhere in the world.  The concept is simple: you combine gin, sprite, frozen lemonade and frozen limeade, lemons, limes and ice, and you put it in either a cooler or a bucket, depending on how many people are drinking it.  The keys to gin buckets is that a) the drink is so sweet that it completely disguises the taste of any alcohol and b) they are drank strictly using turkey basters, making each drink a delicious shot-like stream out of the baster.  A gin bucket is kind of like an appetizer at a party, in that you drink your drinks and then once in awhile you wander over and dip your chip in the delicious spinach artichoke dip, but in this case you go over for a quick “baste.”  The difference is that you aren’t way too full to enjoy your meal after a few dips; with a gin bucket, you are completely blackout shortly after a few bastes.  After the jump, I’ve included the whole recipe as well as a description of a classic gin bucket game: Rock Paper Scissors Baste.  
Making gin buckets is literally the easiest thing in the world.  There are four steps:
1. Slice the limes and lemons
2. Mix all the ingredients together in a bucket or cooler.
3. Allow about 20 minutes for it to get cold
4. Add water or more ice if it’s too sweet.
5. Begin to drink the bucket heavily using basters and proceed to get blackout drunk and have an amazing day.
Engaging girls or others in friendly games of “Rock Paper Scissors Baste” is encouraged. Rock Paper Scissors Baste is very similar to Rock Paper Scissors drink, in that you basically play rock paper scissors, and if you win (since the whole point of drinking games is to get drunk.  I never understood why when you lose in a drinking game you have to drink more.  The people who are winning get rewarded for winning by…not getting drunk at a party?  Fuck that.  In fact I’m going to write a whole post about the great game of Rock Paper Scissors drink.  Look for that in the future) you take a baste of gin.  The game continues until one person is completely blackout, so it usually lasts about 20 minutes.
Gin Buckets are perfect for the summer since they are unbelievably refreshing and perfect to drink outside with a big group of people. They also are a great way to get some alone time with a girl.  Can’t seem to get that girl you are crushing on away from the crowd?  Invite her over to the bucket in the kitchen for a quick baste, and soon you are finding out how much you guys are alike while you both get blackout on delicious sweet liquid.  If you’ve never had a gin bucket, go to the store right now, make a gin bucket, and begin drinking it.  I know it’s Tuesday, but believe me, your boss will think about to his days of gin bucketing and understand.

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