Hump Day Links of the Week

6 Jul

ABlog4Guys has a list up of the 25 best “micro-bikini” pictures.  Does this count as nudity?  Is this SFW?  I’m going to leave it up to the work sensors to decide.  It’s been 10 minutes and I’m still employed so I think it’s officially SFW. ABlog4Guys

This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.  Some guy smokes Salvia and completely goes insane on camera.  If you don’t laugh watching this you don’t have a soul.  Gawker

Guys Gab has another ridiculous girl I’ve never heard of for their “hottie of the week,” this time someone named Laura Vandervoort.  Guys Gab cranks out posts like Roy Halladay cranks out perfect games.  Half of me appreciates whoever is finding these girls, and the other half of me is furious every time I see someone they found before me.  Guys Gab

The top 10 biggest movies flops of 2011 so far.  It doesn’t really amaze me that people came up with bad ideas to start with, anyone can do that.  Anyone can do that.  Let’s have a serious movie about a guy who holds a puppet beaver throughout its entirety! Fine.  But how do hundreds of movie executives sign off on these ideas for months afterward?  Who wants to start a movie company with me?  FilmDrunk

I guess I need to start watching the Lingerie Football League Turd Ferguson Blog

Jason Statham is rumored to be the new lead in Transformers 4.  They’ve also promised a non-simulated sex scene sincce Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whitely are dating in real life.  If it’s anything like Crank 2: High Voltage, I’ll be first in line. Two of these statements are true, and one of them is not.  iBlackedOut

The world’s loudest penis.  It’s not from a human, I promise.  Will you click this?  Will you?  NotSomebody

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