January Jones – X-quisite

5 Jul

It’s difficult to assess my fondness for January Jones.  The first time I saw her was in Love Actually, where she played opposite Elisha Cuthbert as one of the 3 hot Wisconsin girls that more or less had a foursome with Colin, the Brit.  Amazing beauty, charm, and girlish naivete to the world made her incredibly appealing to watch. 

Then, of course, her next major appearance was on the acclaimed AMC drama Mad Men.  Once again, her beauty was evident but her character was just plain annoying.  Naggy housewife is a complete turn off for me as it is everything I don’t want in a woman.  Hot, chill, and relaxed are my preferences.  Chris Rock says guys want only 3 things, “Feed me, f*ck me, shut the f*ck up” and I can relate.

Some of you might be thinking, that is not who she really is, she is only acting.  You know what I say, I don’t give a sh*t.  If an actor pisses me off acting, that doesn’t change the fact that I’m pissed off – and I don’t know her “real” personally so this is what I base my opinion on.  Additionally, you can’t just cheat on the man, the myth, the legend – Don Draper, and expect to stay in my good book.  I’ll tell you right now that I’ve yet to forgive Michelle Pfeiffer for beating up Batman in Batman Returns – true story.  If I was Batman, I would have thrown her off a building for a second go-around.

Now she plays Emma Frost in the movie X-Men: First Class and I think this performance really changed the way I felt about her.  Her acting in the movie was average to above average  with little dialogue compared to other characters.  However, she looked smoking hot – the hottest I’ve ever seen her.  Where she was hiding her assets is a greater mystery to me than how the X-Men were actually formed and I loved every second of it.  Women X-Men are notorious for having very tight and revealing uniforms but this one takes the cake!  She is just too good to stay in the dog house forever.  That being said, she remains in double secret probation and anymore bullshit to the Don will result in her going back in without hesitation.

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