Entourage: Season 8

30 Jun

Entourage’s 8th season debuts on Sunday, July 24th, and will be the show’s final round.  Rumors are flying around that there might even be a movie to follow sometime down the road.  Although most will agree, the show has had a few seasons that weren’t up to par with the rest of them, I still hold Entourage as one of my favorites.  Vince’s roller coaster career has been an entertaining ride.  The thing that draws me in most is the feel good aspect that the show provides.  This is a show that describes the lives of a group of friends that every guy aspires to have.  The show displays exotic cars, gorgeous girls, and almost worry free lifestyles that give viewers a sense of motivation.  The development of the characters really make you feel as part of the group.

Last season left off with Vince’s issues with cocaine and his obsession with his pornstar girlfriend, Sasha Grey.  Additionally, we saw Ari find himself in a mess that for the first time he couldn’t clean up.  His wife may now be leaving him.

This truly is a bummer that it will be the last season.  Check out HBO’s teaser for the season below:

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