Hump Day Links of the Week

29 Jun

Nicky Whelan is attractive.  This isn’t a new revelation in any way, in fact the only link I could find to even make this part of this post was from over a year ago.  This is  just me saying that Nicky Whelan is hot and encouraging you to google her (oh and by the way she was topless in Hall Pass).  I came across the above picture and it would be neglecting my duty as an NSD writer not to incorporate this picture into a post.  theChive

Kate Upton is in a new Sobe campaign sitting poolside locked in staring contests with normal people.  I’m convinced Sobe, T Mobile, and GoDaddy are the only three companies that know how to market.  Just put a super hot girl in an ad, it doesn’t matter how stupid, people will buy your product.  I just saved you a $150,000 MBA marketing degree, you can thank me later. Giggity Greg

Watch this video and don’t yell “OHHH!”  eight seconds in, I dare you.  Since I watched this during a meeting outlining the new Microsoft Office features at work, everyone now thinks I have a weird affinity for pivot tables in Excel. Turd Ferguson Blog

The cast of Jersey Shore is back from Italy to start filming Season 5 of the show, this time back in Seaside Heights, NJ.  JWoww’s time in Italy obviously did not affect her huge boobs and her reign as hottest member of the Jersey Shore cast.  Although that is like being the smartest person in Kentucky.  Speed Monkey

Epic Meal Time continues its run of hilarious videos, with their take on meatloaf (which is obviously my favorite food).  Some hot girl named “Lights” from YouTube is also involved.  iBlackedOut

A gallery devoted strictly to girls wearing extremely tight pants.  ABlog4Guys

The best and worst actors of all time, as charted by their movies Rotten Tomatoes scores.  Although critics are idiots for the most part, they seem to have gotten together and collectively decided that Jennifer Lopez needs to leave the film business (she’s ranked last at 19%).  Well done.  FilmDrunk

After the Ohio State scandal of late, Guys Gab ranks the top ten most crooked sports programs of all time.  These make John Calipari look like a saint. Guys Gab

Certified idiot Jose Canseco is now coaching in something called the North American League.  Not sure if this is him or his twin brother that he sometimes uses to fight in his place, but either way, pretty entertaining.  Wally Backman’s tirade still reigns surpreme though.  Sports Behemoth

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