Hump Day Links of the Week

22 Jun

Nothing is better than a girl that at first is really cool, kind of nerdy, but cute in a weird way, who then turns into a ridiculously hot girl .  Ever see She’s All That? Or Zooey Deschanel?  While Zooey has reverted back into hipster nerd fashion, Rashida has decided to go a different route.  She’s smart, funny, and now, apparently, super hot. GQ

51 Year Old Actor Doug Hutchison from Green Mile married a 16 year old last week.  He obviously didn’t know the Divide by 2 and add 7 rule for acceptability for hooking up.  For example, since he’s 51, he could have hooked up with a 32.5 year old (51/2 = 25.5 +7).  The rule literally never fails. If you are 16, you can only hook up with 15 year olds (since age is such a huge difference year to year at that age).  If you are 30, you can hook up with a 22 year old.  If you are 40, you can hook up with a 27 year old (age matters less and less as you increase in age).  Doug Hutchison, when you are getting divorced or possibly going to jail in 3 months, please consult the rulebook. iBlackedOut

If you don’t follow HumbleBrag on Twitter, you need to immediately.  I’ve been noticing more and more of humblebragging on Facebook/Twitter and it’s driving me crazy. The guy that runs it is writing a monthly column now about it which is also hilarious. Grantland

A new list of the top ten dirtiest cities in America.  Giving #1 to New Orleans isn’t even fair.  They had a fucking hurricane destroy their city, of course they are dirty.  All the others are just assholes who don’t throw away anything. Litterbugs! Are people other than 1st grade teachers allowed to say Litterbugs?  Probably not.   NotSomebody

The only thing better than a hot girl riding a bike, is if that hot girl is naked (Sara Jean Underwood in this case).  I’m not sure where she is where this is allowed but I have a feeling that the cops probably looked the other way, while looking right at her of course.  Giggity Greg

4- Year Old Tennis player dominates the court, and is put through a intense workout regime from his parents.  This kid is the next Tiger Woods of Tennis.  Along with his life being completely fucked up.  Barstool Sports

The increasingly interesting Michelle Beadle/Erin Andrews feud DeadSpin

Turd Ferguson Blog has a new weekly feature called “Ass Wednesdays.”  The title is pretty self-explanatory Turd Ferguson Blog

New Alpha-2 super sports car which will include two electric motors that will have the power to produce 375 horsepower, 590 lb-ft of torque, a 0-60 mph time in 3.9 seconds, and a top speed of 143 mph (230 km/h). The e-Wolf Alpha-2 will be able to go around 186 miles (300 km) on a single charge.  Price: $350,000.  So much for electric cars being only for hippies.   ABlog4Guys

The Bruins bar tab after they won the Stanley Cup was $156,679.  1 bottle of something called an ACE Midas was $10,000.  Dumb order.  I guarantee you ordering a round of car bombs is both more delicious and more fun.  Sports Behemoth

A pretty hilarious list: the top 7 ways to ensure your wife gives birth to a son.  My favorite line: You are what you eat. While your wife is pregnant make sure she eats food that promote the fetus’s growth into a dude. So make sure she eats nothing but steak, and drinks nothing but buffalo sauce.” ManOsterone

Guys Gab’s weekly Thong Battle continues.  Easily becoming the most entertaining thing to do on Mondays during the NFL offseason.  Guys Gab

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