Hump Day Links of the Week

15 Jun

Someone named Laura Michelle Prestin is the Guys Gab hottie of the week (pictured above).  I look at this site every week and am furious at the ideas that they think of first.  This must be what the guy who started ExciteSearch thinks every time he has to google something. Full props to Guys Gab on this one I even tried to use a different picture, but the one they used was just better…Guys Gab…who are you?  Are you hiring?  Goddamit.    Guys Gab

Sean Bean who plays Ned Stark on Game of Thrones (amazing show if you don’t watch it) was in a bar fight over the weekend while he was in town with his porn star girlfriend April Summers. After getting stabbed in the arm with a shard of glass, he calmly went back inside and continued drinking.  In closing, Sean Bean is cooler than us. WWTDD

Arianny Celeste, who apparently is some sort of UFC girl, is in this commercial for Bud Light Lime….wow.  Was this really a commercial, on television?  Giggity Greg

Green Lantern reportedly cost $300 million to make.  One of the highest budgets of all time for a third-tier superhero with a small following, starring a guy best known for RomComs and a girl best known for her role on the CW?  Sounds like a good idea to me.  Yahoo

Mark Cuban’s Sunday night: His team won the NBA Championship, he bought a $90,000 bottle of champagne for his team and partied at a club in Miami until 5AM, then took the trophy with him on his private jet and into the bathroom on his way to the Cayman Islands to party with supermodels, Alec Baldwyn, and Lorne Michaels.  My Sunday night: I went to Subway and was pleased to see that they now have avocado spread.  I gladly ordered it and enjoyed my $5 footlong sandwich.  That was the highlight of my day. Turd Ferguson Blog

An article detailing the eight ways to get a girl to spend more time with your penis.  This list left off the Popcorn trick, which in a recent study was revealed to have a 99.5% success rate (all numbers approximate).  Simply invite a nice girl to a movie, offer to buy a large popcorn, and make sure you ask the movie theater attendant to cut a hole in the of the bag (If it’s a male worker he’ll know what you are doing and give you a nod of approval).  Then, during the movie, say, “Mmm the popcorn at the bottom is extra buttery and delicious try that).  When she reaches down, clearly your penis is in the bag.  A sexual encounter ensues.  This trick is similar to the highly popular Big Sausage Pizza Trick.  Google it and you will immediately fired.   Again, 99.5% success rate.  ManOsterone

Rihanna wearing a see through net sweater with no bra…is Rihanna hot?  Is she not?  I go back and forth on an hour by hour basis.  Speed Monkey

Bill Simmons’ new site Grantland continues to be completely awesome.  Here’s Simmons’ retro diary of Game 6 of the Finals.  Grantland

I hope I live to 2050 when planes are transparent like this. Daily Mail

Who is Zehar Dehar and why is she stripping? Doesn’t matter.  Watch the video.  Wow.  iBlackedOut

BMW just announced that they’ll start taking orders for the M3 Coupe Frozen Black Edition. The specs; 4.0-liter V8, 414 horsepower and 0-60 in 4.5 seconds.  My 1993 Chevrolet Caprice Classic has none of those things.  It is also about $80,000 less expensive than this. ABlog4Guys

The best pictures from the Lingerie Football League thus far.  Every time I turn this on I’m torn.  Part of me wants to immediately run from the screen screaming as the level of play is so low…but another part of me…likes it.  Sports Behemoth

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