Google Music Beta Review: The Best Way for non-iphone users to listen to Their Music

9 Jun

As an android user, I realize that one of the downfalls is not having the ability to sync my smartphone with my iTunes music selection as easily as it is with the iPhone.  I currently own the HTC Droid Incredible and have all the features of an iPhone plus many more except iTunes integration.  There have been many alternatives from manually dragging music to the phone’s SD card to streaming Pandora which have held me over until now.  The alternatives have worked great, but now you can have everything you ever wanted through Google Music Beta.

Two weeks ago, Google announced their new cloud music service.  Music Beta allows you to upload your music collection from your home computer and stream it to and from any Web browser or Android-based device. The best part, your computer doesn’t even need to be turned on since the service continuously syncs your music to Google’s cloud servers.  Here are the details:

– upload up to 20,000 tracks at any bit rate and supports MP3, WMA, M4P, M4A, and FLAC files, though it transcodes them to 320-Kbps MP3s.

– select your music player (iTunes/Windows Media Player), the tracks are uploaded and stored for later playback.

– Music Beta features the standard playback controls, playlists, and an iTunes Genius-like feature that provides what it calls Instant Mixes.

– Listen to Recently Played Songs even when you are Offline.

– Synchronization without Wires & all sorts of Troubles.

– Free selection of music from various artists.

For the two weeks I have been using this service, I have had all of my portable music needs met.  After receiving my invite, I uploaded my entire iTunes music library and corresponding playlists.  Unfortunately, this took about 2 days to completely upload but the process didn’t slow down my computer and worked in the background to get all of my files on the cloud server.  This required downloading the Google Music software which runs in the background of my macbook and syncs the server with any new music I add to my home computer.  Next, I tested out the app on my Droid Incredible.  I tested both my home wireless network and Verizon 3G.  Both streamed my songs flawlessly without any buffering or skips.  The music app organizes the library very well and easily allows you to search for a particular song.  I personally love the new service and best of all, since it’s Google, it’s FREE!  I have used similar music streaming apps such as mSpot and Amazon MP3 and I find this one to be the best.

I recommend Google Music Beta to anyone using an android device.  It is currently in beta mode and requires an invitation to get started…  Follow this link to give it a shot!

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