WWDC 2011 Announcements

6 Jun

Once again, Steve Jobs and the Apple team held their annual Worldwide Developers Conference.  The highly anticipated keynote covers the new OSX Lion, iOS5, and iCloud.  Here is a summary of the new features introduced:

OSX Lion – 250 new features, available in July for $29.99

            -New multi-touch gestures – similar to iOS (swipe, pinch, etc.)

                        -No Scroll bars

                        -Switch between windows with a swipe

            -Multiple full screen apps running at one time

            -Mac App Store built into operating system

            -Resume feature- resume back to where you left off in an App when you return after you close it – windows and apps resume when reopened, everything is auto saved

            -different versions of documents can be viewed on a timeline

            -AirDrop- exchange files with others on your network, just drag and drop

            -Mail client updated

            -Facetime built in

iOS5 – 1500 New API’s, available Fall of 2011

            -NotificationCenter-now drops down from top of screen, organized with similar notifications (text messages, facebook, etc.).  Clicking on notification takes you to the app. 

            -Newsstand – magazine and newspaper subscriptions, automatically download to device.  Can be read on or offline.

            -Twitter built into system, can tweet Safari, youtube, location, etc…

            -Safari- tabbed browsing

            -Reminders – built in reminder/todo list with location built-in

            -Camera- can access from lock screen, volume buttons used to shoot photos.  Pinch to zoom, auto focus, red eye reduction.

            -Mail client- keyboard enhancements, system wide dictionary, S/MIME support

            -PC Free- no need for computer connection, all updates, syncing, and backups are now wireless

            -Game center- photos/avatars/achievement points.  Central location for gaming.

            -iMessage – text messages, photos, videos, contacts, group messaging all through iOS5.  Just like iChat – delivery receipts, read receipts, typing indication. 

iCloud- replaces MobileMe

            -5GB of free storage for mail, docs, backups. 

            -stores content in cloud, wirelessly pushes to all devices

            -All apps/music/documents/media/contacts/calendars integrated

            -backup music, apps, books, camera roll, device settings, etc…

            -documents tweaked on one device are pushed to all devices synced to your cloud

            -iTunes on cloud allows your music that has been bought to be downloaded to any device.   Unlimited storage for purchases apps or music. 

            -iTunes Match- at $24.99/year Apple will match songs you ripped to itunes and put a copy from their music store on your cloud.

Apple had many announcements today.  We look forward to using OSX Lion and the iCloud but will have to wait until the fall to test out all of the feature of iOS5.  We found it strange that Apple’s itunes service through iCloud still does not provide the music streaming feature that its competitors have recently released.  Rather, it requires downloading songs from the iCloud to multiple devices.  We are a little bit disappointed that iOS5 still doesn’t have widgets or built-in driving navigation, but who knows; maybe these features will be added by the fall.

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