Age Old Poll: Courteney Cox

2 Jun

Women, unlike fine wines, classic cars, and Weekend at Bernie’s, rarely get better with age. There are the obvious exceptions- the mom from Modern Family is clearly hotter now than she was as the reporter from Happy Gilmore. One case that has been heatedly debated among the NSD staff is that of Courteney Cox.

Courteney Cox has essentially gone through three stages:

1)      Young, hot, Ace Ventura Courteney Cox.

2)      Frumpy Friends Courteney Cox who no one likes.

3)      Old, yet hot, Cougar Town Courteney Cox

I think we can all remove 2) from the running. But what about 1 vs. 3. Is Courteney Cox hotter now than she was at 25. Personally, I feel like you always have to go with the younger version. 25 always beats 65 (or however old she is now). She’s fitter, less made of plastic, and everything’s generally tighter (everything). But it’s hard. Steady advances in science have definately closed the gap.

What do you think? Who’s better Ace Ventura Courteney Cox or Cougar Town Courteney Cox?

Ace Ventura Aged Cox

Cougar Aged Cox


4 Responses to “Age Old Poll: Courteney Cox”

  1. GaddafiDuck June 6, 2011 at 8:07 pm #

    I am furious that old, wrinkly, botox, saggy, not 25 year old Courteney Cox is losing badly in this poll.


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