Review: Seacrets – Ocean City, Maryland

1 Jun

If you’re on the east coast, you’ll want to make sure you visit Seacrets in Ocean City, Maryland.  Known as one of the largest beach bars, you’ll find yourself entertained whether you make a day or night visit.  If you are uptight and can’t deal with a wild scene, this might not be for you.

Seacrets is both a day bar and nightclub.  Personally, I found the day experience is closest to a student city Spring Break or Vegas Pool Party.  You will encounter hundreds of some of the hottest girls wearing close to nothing.   But a fair warning, just like Rehab at the Hard Rock in Vegas, you will also be surrounded by dudes who clearly are obsessed with steroids and tattoos.

You will want to get there in the morning if you anticipate getting a raft on the water to use for the day.  The facilities are huge and with different stages and bars, it’s like a Disney World for adults.  Look at it as small town on sand with bars on every corner.  It’s easy to get drinks, which are moderately priced; they even serve natural light beers at $3.50 for those on a budget. There is something for everyone here.  Each room plays different music.  There are tables indoors & outdoors.  Places to dance in the sand or on floors; both bands and DJ’s, pick your poison. Basically a giant sandy floored tiki bar, palm tree, resort type place, and many many bars, several clubs, comedy, great live bands, etc… really cool set up.  In fact, I believe they import their palm trees from Jamaica every summer, providing the perfect Caribbean atmosphere.  Throughout the day there will be all sorts of contests for girls to show off what they’re working with, from wet tshirt to hula hoop contests.  Depending on what time you get there, the cover ranges from $5-$10.  Its like a drunk carnival but instead of games and rides, there are bars and dancefloors.  You can even ride up on your boat or jetski.

Because the place is huge and so many people are vacationing, the crowd there includes every type of person out there.  Ages 21-70.  I would say a majority of the girls are DTF and it is easy to find a makeout.  At night you will have to enter through a metal detector and will be frisked so leave your weapons at home.  If you like to party and are down for craziness I would recommend going during the day.  If you still like to party and are looking for a slightly more laid-back atmosphere, check out the night scene.



-Hot girls wearing barely nothing

-Drink all day on the water with waitresses coming to you keeping you supplied

-Live bands and DJ’s

-Fair drink prices


-Seems like everyone is on steroids during the day

-The water you are partying in has been pissed in by thousands of people

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