Wet T-shirt Wednesdays

18 May

What is it that convinces a girl to participate in a wet t-shirt contest?  Sure, the most obvious explanation is alcohol but there must be other motives that separate the all-stars from the conservative bystanders.  Perhaps it’s a combination of a jungle juice tub filled with the finest Everclear and a competitive group of wild females with great racks. If you fail at convincing a girl to flash you, this is the next best idea.  This world marvel, more commonly found in college and on spring break where girls have no limits, competes with the best events such as ‘What Would You Do For Money’ and ‘CEOs and Corporate Hoes’ parties.  NSD salutes contestants who also are wearing skirts during such a glorious event.  We encourage house parties, beach parties, and dancing on bars where the temptation of wet t-shirt contests most commonly occurs.  It is our job as men to always keep a garden hose or pitcher of water on hand.

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