Penelope Cruz: Hop on the Cruz Ship

16 May

Is there anyone out there that dislikes the Pirates of the Caribbean movies?  All three of the previously released films were entertaining and exciting, not to mention we were privileged with the presence of Keira Knightley in all of them.  Throughout the first three movies, Keira’s character grew into the rebellious, yet innocent and attractive female star and remained in the spotlight among the gang of vicious pirates.  Most of us were unaware of who she was before Disney engaged us with her stunning looks.  This time around, her character was not written into the script for the fourth: On Stranger Tides.  Although this was quite the disappointment for some of us, Disney was sure to make it up to us by replacing the star female role with the glamorous Penelope Cruz.  I would like to go on this Cruz ship on my next vacation.  And WOW, not only is Penelope super hot, her sister Monica is banging also!  (We are definitely going to have to post an article on Monica in the near future)   Penelope Cruz and Johnny Depp star in the action packed, treasure hunting flick set to release this month.  This is not the first time the two have worked together.  In fact, we were stunned when Penelope dropped our jaws ten years ago when she worked with Depp on Blow, an unbelievable movie that is still towards the top on my favorite movies list.  So what can we expect from Penelope in her new Disney flick?  Will there be any topless or possibly completely nude scenes?  Unfortunately, it’s not looking very promising.  The next best thing is watching Penelope in Vicky Cristina Barcelona where she shares a hot steamy lesbian sex scene with Scarlett Johansson followed by an additional threesome later in the movie.  Yes, men everywhere rejoiced as they downloaded theses clips from the movie on the internet.  On the upside, Penelope is sure to look hot this summer and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides will be a box office hit.

One Response to “Penelope Cruz: Hop on the Cruz Ship”

  1. MacAttack May 16, 2011 at 12:08 pm #

    Hey, I think she might be long lost cousins to actress Catalina Cruz. Almost a spitting image of this seasoned star…just slightly different industry 🙂 Its def worth a google search…NSFW though 😦

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