Who’s Wearing this Skirt?

11 May

Hint: This little-known model stars in the commercials for the third-place mobile carrier in the U.S.

The answer is Carly Foulkes AKA the pitch woman for T-Mobile.  I liked this girl from the start, but she’s grown on me with each successive commercial.  She seems so innocent and conservative in the commercials, but plug her into google image and you get dozens of images from her modeling days where she is less clothed.  What I don’t understand is why literally every company in the country doesn’t use hot women like this for their advertising.  Every person is more likely to pay attention and buy whatever shit you are selling if there is a hot girl on the screen, it’s a proven fact.  There was a recent article in the Wall Street Journal where the writer just couldn’t figure out how GoDaddy’s revenues kept going up, despite their commercials “being the lowest rated Super Bowl commercials three years in a row.”  It’s not that hard to figure out: Sure those commercials are some of the dumbest things anyone has ever seen, but put Danica Patrick, Jillian Michaels, and some random other hot girls in a commercial and at least a couple million people are going to check out your site.  Here’s a question: would you rather see a super hot girl asking “Can you Hear me Now?” or that dweeb guy?  Apparently Verizon has finally realized their error and put an end to that idiot, so here’s hoping they hire someone like Carly.  More pictures below.

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