Happy Cinco De Mayo!

5 May

Cinco De Mayo has arrived.  Fresh off the high of National Skirt Day and girls coming out of hibernation for the winter, Cinco De Mayo arrives.  Cinco De Mayo signals the official start of summer, patio drinking, barbecuing, and of course, daily skirt days.   While the holiday has literally nothing to do with America, people all over the country use the day as an excuse to get as drunk as humanly possible while wearing tiny skirts and sombreros.  Cinco De Mayo also ranks high on “easiest days to hook up with girls,” along with Valentine’s Day, the night before Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Eve.  Tequila shots and margaritas abound on this wonderful holiday, so go out, enjoy the weather, and celebrate the Mexicans defeating the French in the Battle of Puebla in 1862 (aka chanting USA! USA! while rattling maracas).

One Response to “Happy Cinco De Mayo!”

  1. SWH August 25, 2011 at 10:43 pm #

    May 5 has a US history as well,

    In the first pitched battle of the Peninsular Campaign, nearly 41,000 Federals and 32,000 Confederates were engaged.

    Following up the Confederate retreat from Yorktown, Union General Joseph Hooker’s division encountered the Confederate rearguard near Williamsburg. General Hooker assaulted Fort Magruder, an earthen fortification alongside the Williamsburg Road, but was repulsed.

    Confederate counter attacks, directed by Major General James Longstreet, threatened to overwhelm the Union left flank, until Kearny’s division arrived to stabilize the Federal position. Hancock’s brigade then moved to threaten the Confederate left flank, occupying two abandoned redoubts.

    The Confederates counterattacked unsuccessfully. Hancock’s localized success was not exploited. The Confederate army continued its withdrawal during the night.

    Also referred in history as the battle of Williamburg day of attack on Fort Magruder; subsequent engagements followed covering March – September 1862…

    Just an aside note.


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