Kate Middleton – Royal Skirt Cred Galore

29 Apr

What can NSD say about the Royal Wedding that hasn’t already been said by most of the world?  Well, as a valued member of the Press, we can’t help but give you a quick and dirty, no holds barred opinion of what we think.  Now we understand that most Americans can’t stand anything British.  Maybe it’s because of the British oppression that our ancestors cured via the American Revolution, maybe it is because they claim to speak English but no one can understand anything they say.  A few hundred years plus a royal wedding seemed to have cured this animosity…at least for now.  It is a proven statistic that 99.4% of those that said they hate the Brits, either watched or Tivoed the crap out of the Royal Wedding.  Who are we to argue with those statistics?

This brings us to the topic of conversation – Kate Middleton.  Of course, we at NSD love her but not for the reasons that everyone else does.  Obviously she is banging hot, more importantly she is no rookie when it comes to skirt day.  Silky smooth and perfectly contoured legs make Kate an NSD superstar.  Not to mention, she has more revealing skirt pics than Paris Hilton and Audrina Patridge combined.

Some may argue that these facts indicate that she is not classy enough or sophisticated enough to become a princess.  However, we at NSD believe that this gives her more skirt cred than most any other woman that is royal today.  Notable competitors include:

 Princess Letizia of Spain

 Alina Kabaeva – Vladimir Putin’s Mistress

 Carla Bruni (First Lady of France) who arguably has more naked pictures of her self on the web than Pamela Anderson

 and my all time favorite Queen Rania of Jordan whom I would basically sacrifice my left testicle just to have a cup of coffee with.

Some people still may not find our argument convincing.  Well, recent tabloid news links now may suggest that she has allegedly participated and is member of Killing Kittens, a world renown women’s sex club that claims its members to be the “world’s sexual elite” – huge claim and we love every bit of it.  True of false, the combination of Kate Middleton and Eyes Wide Shut give her skirt cred and street cred galore.  No one can argue with that…but if you can let’s look at one further fact.

The main Royal responsibility is that of just staying alive so that you have the opportunity to feed’s Britain’s insatiable appetite for gossip and scandal.  Well, the combination of young hot Kate Middleton + nothing to do for the rest of your life + paparazzi that is more attracted to you than stink on shit + her inevitable need to rebel makes this equation more proven than the time honored rule that “all women are crazy, it is just the level of crazy.”  Nuff said.

2 Responses to “Kate Middleton – Royal Skirt Cred Galore”

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