Stealth Pics – Story 1 – A Whole Foods Love Story

20 Apr

Hey NSDers, I’ve been combing through the thousands of emails we get a week that document your National Skirt Day experiences.  This one caught my eye.   It reads like a fictional story that you find in Playboy magazine but I think it has a lot of heart.  After talking with the author, Jackson, I think it deserves your attention.  I’m not sure the pictures do the experience justice – enjoy NSDers!

“It was a pretty cold and miserable day with some on and off rain when me and a coworker decided to hit up the local Whole Foods down the street, for some lunch supplies.  Nothing exciting was really going on and expectations for excitement were at an all-time low.  Generally speaking, after National Skirt Day, any day that has sun in it you will see lovely ladies in skirts sprinkle the sidewalks around the office walking to get a bite to eat.  This sprinkling might satisfy the average gent but the most devout NSD Followers all go to Whole Foods where they plan to see the most stunning, leggy, skirt-donning women that the area has to offer.  The average reader might not believe the local grocery store is such a hot spot but us NSDers know organic this, natural that, and salad galore attract figure conscious women like Muslims to Mecca.  Normally I post myself near the salad bar while I “look” at the home-made burritos while casually glancing at every hot girl in the line.  Sometimes, you will even get lucky and see not 1, not 2, but a trifecta or more of girls shaking their salad to get that perfect mix of lettuce and dressing.

Due to the gloominess of the day, I expected no such extravagance but my buddy and I went anyway on what we thought was going to be strictly a business mission.  We entered the store and made a b-line for the bread, which was located all the way on the other side of the building.  Casually walking and looking down the aisles hoping to be inspired to buy other things, my sensors went off and I saw Veronica.  Gorgeous, long dark hair, perfectly tanned golden-brown skin, hottest legs I’ve ever seen, black blouse, grey skirt, and black heels – I was in heaven.

I immediately turned down the aisle pretending to look for groceries as I checked out every inch of this exotic beauty.  Not wanting to get caught staring, I only looked behind me about three or four times after I passed her and then turned the corner to do what I came there to do – find groceries – for real this time.

My buddy and I got what we needed and walked towards the express line when just as we turned the corner, there she was right in front of us in the check-out line.  This experience felt more serendipitous then when John Cusack reunited with Kate Beckinsale.  I immediately took out my camera phone and tried to covertly take pictures to document this experience.  My buddy claims you could hear the click a mile away, but I didn’t care.  I also didn’t care about the marginally attractive late-30 year old never-married woman (not in a skirt by the way) giving me dirty looks from behind.  I just threw my inhibitions to the wind and caught that beautiful butterfly.

Thank you unexpected hot girl wearing a skirt on a gloomy day.  I can’t wait until we meet again.”

If you want to send us your experiences or pics, we can’t wait to hear from you.  Email us

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