Hot Exotic Older Women Who Date Even Older Men: Catherine Zeta-Jones vs. Padma Lakshmi

15 Apr

Today’s poll is a tough one.  Everyone remembers the first time they saw Catherine Zeta-Jones: in the trailer for Mask of Zorro where she is at the absolute peak of her hotness and has that one scene where Antonio Banderas cuts off her shirt with his incredible sword tricks. Since then, she has continued to make men around the country fall in love with her despite her ever-increasing age (Entrapment, High Fidelity, and even Ocean’s Thirteen come to mind).  Recently, she has been absent from the limelight as she lives the quiet life with Michael Douglas, one of the greatest actors of our generation.  Many people may point out that she is a legitimate crazy person, since news broke she checked in to a hospital with bipolar disorder.  Listen, she can be the craziest person in the world, she still has that accent and that body, and besides, I like a little crazy once in awhile in a woman.  Married men complain that they can’t take the monotony of everyday life and how they grow tired of their mates.  What better way to spice things up than never knowing what your night is going to bring?  Will you get normal Catherine Zeta or crazy Catherine Zeta?  I personally like to mix it up.  Our other option is Padma Lakshmi, known best as host of Top Chef.  Not only is Padma beautiful and incredibly exotic looking, she also has great taste in food, one of the best qualities in a girl.  Whether she’s sampling food on Top Chef or eating Hardee’s burgers in their commercials, it’s clear Padma wouldn’t be snobbishly asking the waiter for a “green leaf salad, no dressing” at a sports bar.  Padma also has an affinity older  men, as she was married to brilliant author Salman Rushdie for three years.  She since then has had a child with a billionaire venture capitalist (which clearly was a one-night stand by the way since she wouldn’t even reveal the father until months after the fact), showing Padma still loves to party.  I’m gonna go with Catherine Zeta-Jones here, because the accent alone will keep me with her no matter how crazy she goes.

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