Who’s Wearing this Skirt?

12 Apr

Can you guess who is behind this skirt?  Here is your clue.  This model is a former online columnist for Sports Illustrated.  If you guessed Jenn Sterger, you guessed right!  Jenn has spent her career modeling, writing for Sports Illustrated, and was hired by the New York Jets as their “Gameday Host”.  In the last year, reports surfaced that NFL quarterback Brett Favre was alleged to have sent Sterger several suggestive text messages, voicemails asking her to come to his hotel room, and explicit photos of himself while he was the quarterback for the New York Jets and she was a sideline reporter for the Jets (these events were said to have happened during the 2008 football season).  Although some may argue these accusations were fabricated for money, publicity, or to spike her career, most of us only care about her photo shoots with Playboy and Maxim.  We can all agree that professional photography and airbrushing perfects modeling but this chick looks unbelievable in every picture she appears in.  Check her out in any college photograph from Florida State.  I dare you to try to find a picture that is anything but show stopper quality.  Not to mention, every one of her friends is ridiculously hot as well.

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