Guest Post: Charlotte, NC Skirt Day

5 Apr

This week, Skirt Day approaches in many areas in the country (thanks to many tweets sent our way in the last few days with updates on your region),  with many northern parts hoping for the holiday later this week.  However, in warmer climates like the South, skirt day often comes early.  Below you’ll find a guest post from a NSD reader living in Charlotte, NC, who unbelievably got to experience a combination of two of the best holidays of the year: Skirt Day and St. Patty’s Day.  Enjoy, and send your regional skirt day recaps our way at

Although the poor city dwellers in the Northeast have to wait until mid-April for their skirt day, such a day can come early in some parts of the country. March 19th marked the unofficial skirt day in Charlotte, NC, keyed by the festivities of St. Patrick’s Day.  With bar events on Thursday night inducing massive consumption and poor choices, it was a challenge to take advantage of the sunny, 80-degree weather that Friday brought. With people attempting to mask their stenches of whiskey and avoiding the beat-up coworker they hooked up with the night before, a Skirt Day declaration seemed premature. Considering the spastic weather, consecutive skirt-worthy days were as likely as Lindsay Lohan actually going to prison; Chris Brown not trying to look like a douche; A Big East team not screwing up another bracket. Simply put, things were not looking good.

Then it came:  Saturday. Sun. Seventy-five degrees. St. Patrick’s Day festival. Skirts. The gods were kind. With a three-block radius closed down, bars wide open and Guinness everywhere, the conditions were perfect. With the NCAA tournament in town, all the fine UGA girls and the Vol fans (ecstatic about their 30-point embarrassment) were acting up to their schools’ reputation, and by that I mean getting blackout drunk and acting as slutty as possible.  Luckily, Duke girls have refrained from showing their troll physiques (my apologies to any trolls I may have offended with this statement). Of the 5 recommended items, Ray Bans and camera phone with The Weather Channel app were in tow. No map or football required unless you aspire to look like an idiot (explanation coming). While there was the standard lineup of jean skirts, tennis skirts, and floral skirts, this was a St. Patty’s Day festival, which means one thing: girls in kilts.  Which also meant white stockings and white tanks. Simply put: Yes. The phenomenal thing about St. Patrick Day is that it’s the spring Halloween. It gives girls the excuse to dress as hot and slutty all over again. This was why the kilt was invented. I could be wrong but no one gives a fuck.

As previously noted, sunglasses and a camera phone are essential. However, this is a street event in downtown. A football is unfavorable and a map only applies if you have a fanny pack to keep it in. Being on the streets means little space to spread out and unfavorable areas to post up (port-a-johns are only acceptable if you’re a sex offender).  The great thing is that all those that should be in a skirt are, in fact, in a skirt. Those who opted for jeans or the shorts (or worse, jorts) did so for a reason and do not command any of your god-given attention. After roaming and acknowledging the talent, a vacated booth is found that gives us a nice place to settle. A girl in a skirt is great. A girl in skirt with a dog is an opportunity. This gives us chance to play with the pup while acknowledging her from a closer vantage point. Its late afternoon and threatening clouds are rolling, per the Weather Channel.  The time has been utilized well.

Christmas rarely comes on March 19th (it might have at some point, not really sure). But this day was ideal. The conditions were perfect.  The extended Irish celebration was the key. It brought out the best. It makes one sad that it cannot be like this consistently.  But to us down south, it showed up a little early this year.


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