Final Four Cheerleader Matchup of the Day: UConn vs. Kentucky

1 Apr

You never know what you are gonna get when you search for a school’s cheerleaders in Google (unless the school is USC or UCLA). Some schools, like VCU or Butler, yield results along the lines of what’s expected (mediocre girls across the board), while other schools, like Kentucky, seriously underwhelm your expectations. Type Kentucky in Google and find an attractive girl, I dare you. However, once in awhile a school shatters your low expectations (which mine were for UConn) and delivers an abundance of hot girls to choose from. What I expected would be a VCU-esque eight hour marathon of searching was finished in about 30 seconds, when I found this picture of just one of UConn’s many hot girls. Sports Illustrated even ran a 30 picture slideshow last week just focused on the school’s various cheerleaders. While UConn overachieves both here and in the tournament, Kentucky continues to disappoint in the cheerleader department.

While legions of Cats fans were happy to point out that the school “consistently ranks in the top ten for hottest girls” (not sure where they are getting these polls), I’m happy to point out that the cheerleaders were so busted on Google image that I was forced to put up an unrelated picture of what seems to be Kentukcy’s only attractive fan in history, Ashley Judd, who’s not even wearing a skirt and hasn’t been in a movie since one of those Alex Cross movies in about 2001. It’s also worth noting a trend (thanks to Malcolm Gladwell who picked up on this through his daily reading of our website) that has become apparent through our predictions of NCAA games: the team with the more attractive cheerleaders has lost four out of four games that we’ve predicted thus far. The question is, does Ashley Judd count as a cheerleader? If so, UConn’s got a chance tomorrow night. What do you think? Cast your votes below.

2 Responses to “Final Four Cheerleader Matchup of the Day: UConn vs. Kentucky”

  1. Phil April 1, 2011 at 2:58 pm #

    thats where UK gets the idea that our girls are hot. way hotter than Uconn. And oh yeah, our cheerleaders win the national title almost every year

  2. Corey April 1, 2011 at 4:20 pm #

    Wow, what ignorant person wrote this….. Dont know about UK having top 10 hottest girls. I do know that you will never see hot UK cheerleaders, BECAUSE THEY WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS…… Unlike other schools who take looks into consideration…. You must have been struggling to find something to write about.

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