MTV: Show Those Skirts!

30 Mar

What is it about MTV’s overdramatic shows that keep me watching and not moving onto more mature viewing such as the History channel or CNN?  Is it that I aspire to have the dream life that Rob Dyrdek has in Fantasy Factory?  Possibly.  Could it be any of the shows that actually play music videos?  Probably not.  So what is it?  Oh yeah, there is one last thing…  The abundance of unbelievably hot chicks wearing skirts!  Let’s start with the current season of The Real World in Las Vegas.  I haven’t watched the Real World since Johanna and Melinda flaunted their hotness all over the streets of Austin.  Why does this season have my attention?  Have you seen Nany walking around the Hard Rock Hotel acting like a hot and innocent girlfriend type, yet subtlety showing she is going to cheat on her boyfriend?  Nany is the hottest thing to happen to the real world since two chicks were mud wrestling on a RW-RR challenge.  And not only does Nany have men across the country drooling in front of their TV sets, she has her co-Babe Heather, the petite Jersey girl, who is ready to get down and dirty.  Speaking of Jersey…  Although Jersey Shore recently wrapped up it’s third season, we have one more fist pumping escapade to look forward to which is scheduled to be filmed in Italy this Spring.  The show has quite an interesting group of girls.  You have Sammi Sweetheart, who is smoking hot, however, I can’t stand listening to her desperate pitiful arguments with Ronnie in an attempt to sustain their relationship.  Then there is JWOW who can be the most intimidating girl since the professional wrestler Chyna, but is also amazing at exhibiting her E-cup rack.  And then we can’t forget about Snooki and Dina, who are entertaining in their drunken stupors but refer to themselves as meatballs, which clearly portrays their looks.  Where else can we scope out skirts on MTV?  Don’t forget about Skins, which is possibly one of the most controversial shows on TV displaying a variety of sex, drugs, and alcohol amongst a younger audience.  But god damn, Tea Marvelli (Sofia Black D’Elia) is hot!  Don’t worry, she is older than 18.  So which hotties on MTV have your attention?

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