The Uggs with Skirt look: Yay or Nay?

29 Mar

Approximately 7 years ago, during the dark and almost unspeakable times when Crocs were popular footwear, a brand simply named “Ugg” debuted what at first glance seemed like one of the worst fads of all time, and what world renowned economist and Nobel prize winner Paul Krugman called, “the dumbest fucking things I’ve ever seen in my life.”  However, guys around the globe soon realized the new potential for Uggs, as they effectively enabled hot girls everywhere to wear skirts almost year round.  While PWSD (perfect weather for skirt day) is typically sunny skies with temperatures in the mid-70s, PWUS (Perfect weather for Uggs and skirts) ranges from the high fifties to much, much colder for slutty girls.   But what I thought was a clear cut issue has received surprising pushback from much of America, with The Scientific American recently running a poll showing that only 50% of men aged 18-49 favor the look on women.

Listen, I know that the look inspires many of the trashier sort a la anyone from Kentucky or Britney Spears in her shaved head K-Fed Stage to strap on Uggs with a skirt, but 50% of America is missing the fact that incredibly hot girls (see above and below) also flaunt the look, enabling men everywhere some NSD-esque times before Spring.  America doesn’t reject two piece bathing suits because whales sometime adorn them at the beach, so why hate on this?  What I’m guessing is that the 50% who voted for the negative most likely lived in shitty places with the absence of anyone attractive, so in that case, either stop voting and ruining things for us, or move out of your trashy ass place and join us in celebrating a look that gives us hope in the dead of Winter. 

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