Top 10 Holidays to Wear a Skirt

25 Mar

10. St Paul the Hermit Day (January 15)  – Patron Saint of the clothing industry and weavers – What better way to start than on the day that is blessing those people that craft the very article of clothing that is held so dear in the hearts and minds of people around the word (and especially us at NSD)! Of course, in some locales weather may be a factor, and it may not be hot enough for the usual variety of skirts. However, true believers know how to accessorize, whether it is with stockings or high-heel boots. Nothing will hold them back.

9. Labor Day – The official or unofficial end of summer, Labor Day is the day to celebrate not being laborious. Pool, bbq, and ladies in skirts are a must.  Sadly, however, for most of us, it is one of the saddest skirt days of the year. For you Emily Post types or the fashion conscious, this holiday marks the end to the white skirt for almost 7 months. We at NSD, find this completely unacceptable and promote skirts of all colors to be worn at your leisure.

8. New Years Eve – A holiday that has the largest expectations for having a good time is an obvious choice for those who like to dress up and throw a few back. What keeps this holiday out of top honors is the abundance of amateurs that continue to find their way to the same places us seasoned veterans have been visiting for years. Unbridled expectations, spilled drinks, stumbling idiots, and throwing up in the corner make it impossible for even the “executioner” at the Apollo to sweep this amateur holiday into a higher ranking.

7. Easter – A beginning of a new year in the Christian calendar and the end of fasting for 40 days and 40 nights makes this holiday an easy National Skirt Day favorite. Whether you give something up or not, all are willing to celebrate being free again. Compounded with furry bunnies running around and chocolate candy everywhere, this holiday is guaranteed to turn the women who are the grinchiest of grinches into happy Whos. Pretty Easter outfits, spring sundresses, and skirts galore put a smile on everyone’s face, even little baby Jesus himself.

6. Independence Day – You may consider your birthday a holiday, but there is no bigger birthday than the birth of our Nation. Fireworks, bbqs, red, white, & blue skirts, and independence from all things British make this holiday a bloody brilliant one!

5. Memorial Day – the unofficial beginning of summer and a 3 day holiday weekend make this a top pick. No matter what the weather is, pools all over open for the first time and girls in bikinis lay abound for their first hint of pool sun. Even if is cloudy, skirts are the maximum of coverage during this weekend. If that is wrong, we don’t want to be right!

4. St. Patrick’s Day – a holiday completely devoted to drinking and having fun – I couldn’t think of a better holiday for women to wear skirts. The combination of green beer and skirts rivals some of the best combinations of all time: peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, or beer and pizza!

3. Thanksgiving Eve –  like St. Patrick’s Day, this holiday is completely devoted to drinking and having fun but with an additional bonus. No other day of the year has more people come back to their home town and hook up with old flames or the person that got away without any regard to their current relationship status than Thanksgiving Eve. Individuals are completely freed from the bondage of people that might know their significant other and can report back on their escapades. Safe in the confines of their home town, prodigal children from all over come back to show off how much more awesome they are now than in high school. Reminiscing, throwing discretion into the wind, and the want for almost all women to prove their hotness makes this an easy choice.

2. Halloween – A holiday where 99% of the woman in the world create their costumes by picking an occupation and putting “slutty” in front of it. This almost invariably requires a skirt, especially of the shortest variety. With such a pervasive saturation of the women’s costume market,  Halloween is a definite no.2 pick.

1. National Skirt Day – National Skirt Day is that special day of the year when girls across the country shed the confines of their drab and restrictive winter pants and leggings for the freedom and comfort of skirts. Guys across the country celebrate this day after four months of suffering through the absence of any attractive stimuli and the return of something fantastic. Not only does this day predict the start of warm weather better than Punxsutawney Phil but studies have shown it provides happiness to more guys at a given time over any other day of the year! Here at NSD, we’re not going to argue with those statistics; we embrace them!

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